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tab to modify the viewing options in the case we are reading, also including editing options, navigation panel, header and footers, footnotes, page ends and the zoom to work properly depending on the monitor. Like this, a pop-up window will be opened for us to add the related information, such as first and last name, email, mobile phone, working information and company, as well as notes regarding the contact to keep in record. Now you have added a new email address to your list of contacts. At the very left of your home page you will be able to see the main folder panel, where you can easily access your inbox, junk emails, drafts, sent items, deleted items and archive. Although, if we scroll down a little bit we will be able to see other useful templates that can help us to track tasks, manage personal money and expenses and establish family budgets. It was available to MSN members as well as could be accessed directly through the Hotmail domain. In detail, these text functions are in a row on the formatting option panel and allow us to give effects to the words in order to stand out expressions in another language, specific parts of the message, as well as provide other functions. Saving or discarding changes in Outlooks settings Whether you are making changes in the Mail, General or Calendar options in the Outlook configuration, including all the sub-categories involved to apply modifications and customization on the platform, there is the need for all of them. To change calendar settings you have three sub-categories; View, Weather and Calendar in email, being the first one focused on calendar appearance as set first day of the week and working ours. This can help prevent hacking or ID thefts of ones account. By doing so, a small menu will be opened for you to enter the information about the event or meeting you want to register: title, date, time, location, repeating option and reminder. To do so, click in such option and the platform automatically will search for duplicated contacts and entries. Easiest ways of signing into Hotmail account led to certain problems in the later years. Office products provided by Microsoft, Excel Online can be used by six main tabs that give the users the different options to perform, regarding on what they want to do in their workbook. Excel Online, we need to be logged in with our Outlook account in the our preferred browser. This helps you in using those contacts next time you need it without going through the trouble of entering their numbers for making calls.


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